Bad breath- a big social repellent

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Bad breath- a big social repellent

An attractive personality is incomplete without a beautiful smile. Equally important is a fresh breath. An offensive breath during a conversation is a big turn off. People these days are much concerned and pay more attention to the problem of bad breath due to the importance of social interactions in present day society.

Bad breath- A Big Social Repellent, dental clinic in udaipur, dental services in udaipur, dental implants in udaipur, braces treatment in udaipurBreath can smell bad due to a variety of reasons. Some related to one’s oral health, others to one’s systemic health. Improper brushing or inadequate oral hygiene maintenance is one of the most important causes for a foul mouth odor. The food lodged between teeth tends to get hardened and difficult to clean. Over a period of time there is bacterial growth that occurs which harm teeth and gums. These bacteria and the deposits on the teeth cause bad breath. Other oral causes being, cavities in teeth, nose and throat infections, dry mouth, smoking or chewing tobacco, etc. Some systemic diseases cause bad breath like, irritable bowel syndrome, liver and kidney disorders.

Foul mouth odor due to systemic causes is treated by systemic treatment. But breath odor due to intra-oral causes is effectively treated by scaling. Scaling removes the deposits on teeth by using dental scalers. After scaling is completed, regular tooth brushing, use of dental floss, tongue cleaner and mouth wash is used for maintenance of a good oral hygiene. These have to be followed twice a day for maintaining teeth in a good health. Proper tooth brushing technique is taught by a dentist for effective cleaning of tooth surfaces, however, areas between the teeth too harbor food and bacteria. These are cleaned using dental floss. Floss is a thin thread that is passed between two teeth, these areas cannot be accessed using a toothbrush. The tongue is a part in the mouth which harbors a lot of plaque and bacteria. A tongue cleaner is an efficient device used for cleaning of the tongue. After removing all the deposits mechanically, a mouth wash is used to rinse the mouth. Mouthwashes usually contain antibacterial agents which act against bacteria present in the oral cavity and prevent further attachment of the bacteria on the tooth surface. They also contain flavoring agents which impart a fresh breath to your mouth.

A fresh mouth breath not only gives you confidence while speaking, but also leaves a lasting impression on everyone around. Visit us at Dr. Saurabh’s Dental Clinic & Implant center for any such issues and get treated by specialists in the field with the most advanced dental treatments.

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