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Experience the hospitality, tourism and personal dental care!

Dental tourism means travelling to another state or country for dental therapeutic purposes along with vacationing. The concept has emerged due to the higher cost of dental treatment in the western part of the globe as compared to the eastern part. Though cheaper, due to the high number of highly trained dentists, the quality of treatment provided is uncompromised.

India, in recent years has emerged as a popular destination for dental tourism. A number of places in India are excellent destinations for dental tourism. Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, Goa to name a few. Rajasthan attracts a number of tourists for the beauty it stores, ranging from magnificent forts to scenic mountain ranges, from majestic palaces to serene lakes. Udaipur, located in Rajasthan is known as The Venice of the East. Also known as the City of Lakes, Udaipur has been ranked by a number of polls as one of the best tourist places of the country.

Udaipur never fails to mesmerize its visitors with all the charm and beauty it has. The Aravalli hills embrace the city in their lush green hills and mountains. The lakes provide serene spots and happening hangout areas, all at the same time. Despite being touched by modernization, Udaipur holds its vintage charm in its historical places. Being a renowned tourist destination, Udaipur is well connected to major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad through air and road network.

Along with the beautiful places in the city, Udaipur also offers a number of dental facilities. Dr Saurabh’s Dental Clinic & Implant Center is located at the heart of the city of Udaipur. We, at our clinic cater all kinds of complex dental procedures according to the patient’s needs. Various kinds of dental procedures like simple restorations/fillings, rotary root canal treatment, placement of porcelain infused metal crowns or all ceramic/zirconia crowns, placement of dental implants, dental cleaning/scaling, complex gum surgeries, smile enhancement to name a few. Utmost care of sterilization protocols is taken for handling of instruments and the operatory at our clinic. Since we have adapted with technology and make use of the state of art dental equipments, we ensure shorter treatment time and high accuracy. All this, to fit in your short duration of vacation along with excellent dental services.

Come visit the enchanting city, it sure will be a once in a lifetime experience for you!

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