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One of the most common diseases affecting the oral cavity of humans are gum diseases. They can affect the gums and the surrounding tissues of the teeth since as early as childhood, since the time teeth error in the oral cavity.

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Initially there are really few signs and symptoms that are visible like redness in the gums or some bleeding while brushing or while eating. These initial issues can be treated easily using scaling or cleaning of teeth which removes the hard deposits that form over the tooth surface. Usually the changes seen in the gums till this stage are reversible. Once the disease advances and involves the surrounding tissues like bone, the changes become irreversible. The advanced stage of gum diseases known as pyorrhea have many manifestations like foul or bad odour from mouth, bleeding gums, loosening or mobility in teeth, increased gaps between teeth and eventual falling of teeth. These signs and symptoms often go unnoticed since they are not associated with any pain. Pyorrhea or periodontitis is a silently progressing pain-free kind of a disease. Patients usually notice the changes only when it reaches the advanced stage. At this stage not many treatment options are available. If diagnosed early, pyorrhea can be treated using flap surgeries. These are performed after completely removing the hard deposits from the tooth surface by scaling. Once scaling is completed, flap surgery is used to gain access to the underlying bone and root by opening some amount of gum tissue. After completely cleaning the root surface and the bone surface, bone graft materials may or may not be placed depending upon the situation. The area is also irrigated using antibiotic solutions. With this we can completely remove the bacterial load that is present in the tooth and the root surface. This treatment leads to increase in bone level, decrease in the bad odour from mouth, decrease in bleeding from gums and a decrease in tooth mobility. Flap surgery is performed by a gum specialist also known as Periodontist.

At our clinic, our Periodontist explains you the complete procedure of flap surgery and makes you understand the need for treatment before starting the step by step procedure.

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