How to search for the best dentist for all your dental needs

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How to search for the best dentist for all your dental needs

Everyone has a right to have a healthy and a flawless smile. In addition to the daily maintenance of proper oral hygiene aids like tooth brushing, flossing and use of a mouth wash, it is your dentist who guides you to a healthier looking mouth.

Hence it is very important to consider certain points for deciding your dentist, since he is the one who makes a relationship of a lifetime with your teeth.

Here you will be able locate a few basic yet important considerations that will enable you to settle on the most appropriate dental clinic:

Do your research right

Everything you want to know, Google can answer. A dentist, who remains updated with latest knowledge of the field, also remains abreast of latest in technology. Try searching for a dentist online so that you can have a quick view of his whereabouts.

Dr Saurabh’s Dental clinic & Implant Center has a website, is registered with Just dial & has social media accounts on Facebook & Instagram for motivational & informative material for the patients. These help you gain complete knowledge of the clinic, the doctors and the services being provided.

Qualification & experience of the dentist

This is very important, since a highly qualified dentist has a better idea of diagnosis & appropriate treatment planning that fits your dental needs. In addition, the experience the dentist has plays a very important role in the way you are provided treatment.

With a clinical experience of over 10 years, Dr Saurabh & Dr Barkha established the present clinic in the year 2015. Dr Saurabh holds a Master degree in Oral & Maxillofacial Medicine & Radiology and a Ph.D in oral pre-cancer. Dr Barkha also holds a masters degree in Periodontology & Implantology.

Services provided

Any dental clinic which is fully equipped with latest technology will provide you with the widest range of facilities. If all facilities are provided at a single place, that makes things convenient for patients.

At Dr Saurabh’s Dental Clinic & Implant Center, we provide all kinds of dental facilities ranging from tooth colored fillings/restorations to root canal treatments, from single tooth crowns to complex replacement of missing teeth using bridges and dental implants. Treatments like tooth whitening using scaling, followed by bleaching are regularly performed. Dental laminates & veneers are used for smile enhancement. Also provided are facilities like kids dental care, braces/wiring/orthodontic treatment for correction of spacing or crowding in teeth. This makes Dr Saurabh’s Dental Clinic & Implant Center a one stop destination for all your dental needs.

Use of technology

Evolution of technology in dentistry has proven to be a boon. It has increased the speed and accuracy of treatments being provided. Use of motorized instruments for root canal treatment, use of dental implants for permanent replacement of missing teeth, use of computerized imaging for x-rays are some of the very essential technological developments that dentistry has seen.

At Dr. Saurabh’s Dental Clinic & Implant Center, we make use of all such equipments and make treatment convenient and speedy for our patients.

Visit us for a great treatment experience and witness the best of dental facilities provided by the best in the field!

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