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Missing teeth is common in young patients, reasons being trauma, tooth decay, gum disease, etc. Some causes are inevitable, while some can be prevented with proper home care and routine dental checkups. Once lost, immediate replacement of the missing tooth is the best solution. If not replaced, there are several ill consequences that occur, since all the teeth maintain appropriate relationship with the adjacent and the opposing teeth. If unreplaced, the opposite tooth erupts more to make contact with the opposing empty area. The tooth behind the missing one shifts in front to occupy the space created. Likewise the tooth in front of the missing tooth shifts behind and fills the space. Once any/all of these happen, it becomes difficult to replace the missing tooth.

Missing teeth also cause difficulty in chewing properly. Initially things go unnoticed, but slowly one tends to notice difficulty in chewing & hence improper digestion. In the long run, this leads to serious health issues and malnourishment.

A variety of options are available to replace missing teeth. The one that would suit a particular patient is decided, based on the clinical condition. For example, when there is a recently extracted tooth with good bone available a fixed bridge can be placed, taking support of 2 neighboring teeth on either sides of the missing area. If adequate bone is available, even a dental implant can be opted. Dental implants are the latest in replacing missing teeth. The added advantage is, there is no support needed from adjacent teeth. In case of inadequate bone available, a removable partial denture is given. Newer materials are available for such kind of dentures which make them easy to wear.

The take home note here being, replacement of missing teeth is absolutely necessary for overall health of your teeth. Neglect in maintaining the teeth in proper condition has serious deleterious health effects.

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