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Missing teeth pose a big problem for patients. Missing front teeth cause aesthetic issues. Missing back teeth cause difficulty in mastication. A crown or a bridge is a cap that is cemented over teeth which have undergone root canal treatment or large fillings to protect them, to treat problems of decay, fractured teeth and malocclusion. They can also be used to change tooth color and shape.

A crown or a bridge is a cap that is placed over a tooth and held in place by dental adhesive or dental cement to treat problems of decay, fractured teeth and malocclusion, as well as to protect teeth which have undergone root canal treatment or large fillings. They can also be used to change tooth colour and shape.


  • Gives protection for badly decayed or fractured teeth
  • As a permanent restoration for teeth with large fillings
  • To correct minor problems in natural teeth like spacing, irregular shape or severe discoloration


When there is a tooth or a couple of teeth missing and there are healthy teeth on both sides of the open space, a bridge (also known as a fixed partial denture) is planned.


When a tooth is present in an aesthetic zone and shows while smiling, a PFM is fabricated. PFM is a tooth-colored crown with a metal core, which provides high strength. Unlike an all-ceramic crown, the metal core of the PFM makes it stronger. Tooth-colored porcelain is baked on the outside of the metal core. But because there is metal under the porcelain, it blocks natural tooth translucency and is not as aesthetic as an all-ceramic bridge.


All-ceramic teeth/bridges (or porcelain with ceramic substrate) are the most aesthetically pleasing among all the kinds of prosthetic replacements. It is completely made of ceramic without a metal core, which leads to excellent translucency and hence a more natural appearing tooth. These bridges are usually indicated on front teeth or teeth that are highly visible.


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If you’re missing one or more teeth, discuss a partial or denture with your dentist.
These prosthetic dental devices are more comfortable and lifelike than ever before with options like implant retention and hidden clasps.

How we can help:

Dentures replace all teeth on the upper or lower arch, and partials replace multiple missing teeth on one arch.
Traditionally, dentures are secured by natural suction or adhesive. Partials attach to neighboring teeth with inconspicuous clasps. However, either prosthetic can be anchored to dental implants for maximum stability.

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