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A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.. A smiling face looks pleasant and catches the eye of the viewer. Many times a smile is compromised for a number of reasons like, crooked teeth, yellow or brown staining of teeth because of tea, coffee or due to dental fluorosis, gaps or crowding of teeth, etc.

Dentistry these days is much advanced and with the advents in the field a number of latest procedures help you achieve a smile that you desire.

Crooked teeth or gaps in between teeth not only make the smile unattractive but also lead to improper cleaning of teeth and lodgement of food between teeth. Improper brushing leads to increase in deposition of plaque and calculus (tartar) over the tooth which leads to initiation of gum diseases. When there are gaps between teeth, there is lodgement of food in the open areas which in turn also results in gum diseases. Orthodontic correction of these crooked teeth or open gaps is the best solution possible. Usually performed once all permanent teeth erupt, braces are now used to correct tooth position even in adult patients and the elderly. Metal or tooth coloured braces are used for orthodontic treatment, which gives promising results in each and every patient.

Staining of teeth is very common these days due to consumption of foods and beverages that contain coloring agents. Tea, coffee, turmeric, ill habits like consumption of tobacco, cigarette and Bidi smoking are the most common causes of tooth staining and cause an unaesthetic appearance. These strains make the tooth surface rough. Rough tooth surfaces are more prone to plaque and calculus deposition. All these problems are easily treated using scaling. Scaling involves cleaning of teeth surfaces using hand or ultrasonic devices. Scaling removes all kinds of deposits from the tooth surface including stains, plaque and calculus. This renders the tooth surface clean and free from deposits. After scaling, polishing of teeth is done. This process smoothens the tooth surface and leads to a bright and shiny smile. Unlike the common myth that scaling damages the tooth surface, it actually gives you a healthy mouth free from bacteria.

Dental fluorosis is a common problem in many areas of our country. It occurs due to increased fluoride content of water. These strains appear as whitish to yellowish spots on tooth surfaces. More severe ones cause brownish staining of teeth. Such kind of strains are not removed by scaling, though scaling does lighten them a little. One of the effective methods to reduce the appearance of fluorosis stains is dental bleaching. Bleaching is done using certain chemicals that lighten stains on the tooth surface. Along with the chemicals ultraviolet light of specific wavelength is used to aid the process. Maximum amount of strain is reduced using this procedure, however when the stains are very dark, bleaching can only lighten the stains and does not completely remove them. In such cases, after bleaching, veneers are placed to cover the outer surface of teeth. Laminates or veneers are used for smile enhancement where other procedures are not that effective. Zirconia crowns/ bridges/ prosthesis are yet another option for smile designing. These give an appearance of a natural tooth and it is not easy to distinguish them from adjacent natural teeth.

At Dr Saurabh’s dental clinic and implant centre, we perform smile designing using all of the mentioned procedures with the latest available materials and equipments. Visit us for more info on smile designing or smile enhancement at Dr Saurabh’s dental clinic and implant centre, Shop no-2, Vinayak residency, Keshav Nagar, University road, Udaipur.

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