Teeth Whitening- Get A Pearl White Smile

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Teeth Whitening- Get A Pearl White Smile
Not everyone is blessed with pearly white teeth. Natural color of teeth varies from pale to yellow. Many factors contribute to the color of teeth like stains from foods like turmeric, coffee, tea, etc. During the developmental stage of teeth, consumption of water with excessive amount of fluoride causes fluorosis stains which appear as white patches or yellow to ochre colored discolouration of teeth.
With advances in dentistry, there are a number of treatment modalities that are available for such kind of stains. Scaling removes all kinds of extrinsic/ external stains from the teeth surface. Removing stains that are within the tooth surface, which are intrinsic/ internal stains can be accomplished by a process known as bleachin. Also known as teeth whitening, this is a commonly used procedure these days for cosmetic whitening of teeth. For this, a series of chemicals are applied onto the tooth surface and exposed to ultra violet light through light cure devices. This leads to a significant reduction in the appearance of stains onto the tooth surface. The results of this process usually last from 6 to 12 months, depending on the condition of the teeth and the way the patients maintain the results.
At Dr Saurabh’s Dental Clinic & Implant center, we perform dental bleaching with the latest products. We have a series of satisfied patients with the treatment. Visit us for more info on the treatments available and get the best of treatments done.

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