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Cleanliness and hygiene are important aspects that are taught to everyone since childhood. They become all the more important when concerned with hospitals, dispensaries and clinics. There is a high rate of disease transmission in dental clinics if proper sterilisation and disinfection protocols are not maintained in the clinic. A variety of patients with different diseases visit dental clinics on a regular basis. Some diseases are non transmissible while others are potentially fatal and are transmissible from one patient to another and from a patient to the doctor and vice versa.
Proper sterilisation requires certain procedures to be followed by the standard protocol. Some of these include:
-Maintenance of a clean and hygienic environment using surface chemical disinfectants.
-Use of disposable items like syringes, gloves, mouth masks, head caps, tumblers, protective eye wear. Use of these disposable items greatly reduces the risk of disease transmission.
-Cleaning of dental chair using chemical disinfectants. Since all the patients sit on the chair and also since there is aerosol creation due to use of dental instruments, the chairs have to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent contamination.
– Autoclaving is the most commonly and the most effective method available for sterilisation of dental instruments in a dental clinic. Thorough cleaning of all instruments is mandatory before sterilisation. All kinds of dental instruments used in the oral cavity, including diagnostic instruments, scalers, air rotors should be thoroughly scrubbed to remove debris. Once cleaned, all instruments are wrapped in a sterile cloth. This should then be followed by autoclaving the instruments at standardised pressure and temperature. This ensures complete elimination of all kinds of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses and their spores.
-Once autoclaved, all instruments should be stored in a UV chamber or in sterilised pouches until used for dental procedures.
At Dr Saurabh’s Dental clinic and implant centre, we take utmost care of proper sterilisation and disinfection techniques to ensure high standards of safety for our patients. Sterilisation of all instruments is performed on a daily basis to avoid transmission of infection. All disposable items are used to avoid the potential of disease transmission.
Visit us at Dr Saurabh’s dental clinic and implant centre, shop no-2, Vinayak residency, Keshav Nagar, University road, Udaipur for more info.

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