Orthodontic Treatment- Beautifying Your Smile, The Natural Way!

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Orthodontic Treatment- Beautifying Your Smile, The Natural Way!

Crooked or misaligned teeth look unpleasing to one’s eye. An unaesthetic smile makes one loose ones confidence and hence affects the personality.
A wonderful solution to this issue is, orthodontic/ braces treatment. This treatment makes use of brackets and wires to straighten crooked teeth or close spaces which are present between teeth. All of this while preserving your natural teeth. The idea behind this treatment is to slowly move your teeth in appropriate position where they look good and can function well.

Traditionally orthodontic treatment used metal braces and wires. These days, due to the aesthetic demands of the patients, tooth colored braces are used. Also known as ceramic braces, these ones resemble ones tooth color. Hence, it becomes difficult to locate these braces from far. Many elderly patients and young patients, who are much concerned about aesthetics, prefer ceramic braces over metal ones. Yet another option available is of lingual braces, ones which are placed on the inside surface of your teeth. For the lower jaw, it is towards the surface of the tongue. For the upper jaw, towards the palate. These are invisible when a patient smiles. The latest in trend for orthodontic therapy is use of Invisalign. These particular devices are transparent plates and have to be worn by the patients. A new plate is provided to the patient every month. They move the teeth to their determined places within the specified period. This happens in a painless way.

Usually, the treatment lasts for 1 to 1.5 years. In addition to rendering a beautiful smile, there is increased comfort the patients experience. Straighter teeth are easier to clan and maintain as compared to crooked ones. When spaces are closed, food lodgment in between open spaces stops.

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